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About Us

Workbank is a job site that helps Job Seekers not only by connecting them to job opportunities across the globe, but also by ensuring they are equipped with information and resources to help them be the most productive they can be.


Our Vision

Create opportunities for growth, fulfillment and success for talents and businesses in every part of the world.


Our Mission

Bridge businesses with qualified and primed talents.

How We Started

We are a company ran primarily by Filipinos which was created from the virtue of "malasakit," or compassion and care. Workbank launched on November 28, 2018 with the Philippines as its birthplace, eyeing an identity that is distinct from that of any other job portal.

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Why choose Workbank?

Being one of the new players in the job matching industry, we consider this our strength as we can give you a fresh and innovative experience, both for candidates and employers. Here’s how.

For Candidates

For Candidates:

We make your job-hunting experience easier through resources that help you land the job you aspire for.


  • Our smart job matching tools not only connect you to the jobs that meet your qualifications here and abroad but enable employers to find you and offer you better opportunities.
  • We give you exclusive perks like discounts and free trainings that make your job application easier and better prepare you for your next job.
  • Our referral system allows you to bring family and friends closer to the jobs they aspire for, while earning extra income on the side. It’s money that you can use to further your career and personal development.
For Candidates

For Employers:

We invest in Talents and technology so you can hire the


  • We give Job Seekers access to resources like no other job portal. These exclusive perks make their application experience easier – even enjoyable – and help ensure they will apply to your jobs.
  • Our referral system gives you a bigger pool of quality talents, enabling you to find the right talent faster.
  • Our complete recruitment tool lets you seamlessly track your Candidates from beginning to end. It’s customizable to your needs, easy to manage and conveniently accessible from mobile and desktop.

Our Partners in Investing in Talent

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