19th Floor Tower 6789, Tower 6789 Ayala Avenue Makati City, Makati, 6000 Metro Manila-National Capital Region

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About PRU Life UK | Alexandrite 2 Achievers

PRU LIFE UK is a part of Prudential PLC, one of the world's oldest, largest and strongest financial and insurance company. Recognized by the Department of Finance - Insurance Commission, PRU LIFE UK is the pioneer of the unit-linked insurance in the Philippines (2002). 

Alexandrite 2 District is the top and leading group in PRU LIFE UK nationwide and is the home of achievers. We welcome experienced and young professionals coming from various industries. We provide the best trainings and seminars to equip our financial consultants the best knowledge to guide them through a successful career.

Join us today and discover your potential in this career as a financial consultant.

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