16 Armal Compound, F. Legaspi St. Maybunga, Pasig, 1607 Metro Manila-National Capital Region


About Company

From Philippines to anywhere in the world, there's one for everyone!

In 1987, the first Tapa King was born along Gallardo Street in Makati. The idea was to give customers a rice meal alternative to hamburgers, hotdogs, and pizza – the real Pinoy comfort food that is filling and reminds you of your favorite home-cooked meals.

From the humble aim of providing a home-style food option in the clutter of fast-food restaurants, Tapa King is now one of the top Pinoy favorites. With quality products and excellent service, the brand expands its reach as it continues to open branches not just locally, but all over the world.

To date, the brand has opened 100 stores and is looking forward to the next 100 more.


Why join us?

As tapa king grows, our customers grow in number and stay loyal. This is simply because the company´s vision and promise of giving its customers freshly cooked high-quality food and friendly service have remained consistent for over 20 some years

In our company, quality is not an option - it is the STANDARD of everything we do.

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