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Posted 3 months ago

Primary Responsibilities Provide a sequence of service for all test takers once they have entered their exam through the exam submission and logging out process Responsible for the service levels and monitoring of all test takers as they complete their exams online Maintain the integrity of the exam process as committed to with all institution partners Partners with all operation support teams to further assist test takers and institutions in the event of technical challenges or any other issue that prevents the ability to complete a scheduled examSpecific Responsibilities Monitor the test taker as the exam is taken 40 Ensure all exam notes and rules are followed as prescribed by the institution and client Monitor the test taker to ensure no academic breaches or violation of exam rules take place Be available to test takers if any questions arise during the proctoring session Handle the log out of test taker exam 30 Review all exam submission parameters as prescribed by the institution and ProctorU and ensure that they are completed Witness the completion and submission of exams Complete close out procedures and witness the logging out of test takers Communicate the details of the proctoring session 15 Log all notes observations and any specific details of the session as necessary in the exam schedule program Report any occurrences that require an incident report to the Quality Control team as necessary Notify a manager of all occurrences from a proctored session as required by the institution and client Uphold all standards policies and laws pertaining to the proctoring function 10 Follow all standards of performance as required by the client Follow all policies as defined in the client Employee Handbook Uphold the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act as required by the U S Department of Education Non essential functions 5 Perform other duties special projects and other responsibilities as assigned by the client' s leadership Maintain good working relationships and open lines of communication with all other departments Ensure a safe pleasant and comfortable work environment for all test takers and employees

Posted 5 months ago

Primary Responsibilities Handles all incoming phone calls with courtesy and professionalismAnswers inbound customer calls and effectively responds to clients inquiriesEnsures the resolution of client concerns/inquiries whenever possibleSpecific Responsibilities Responsible for the merchant services phone queue for all incoming merchant calls and must ensure that service levels are met on consistent basis Review merchant statements and explain the rates and fees assessed to the merchant each month Review batch and transaction history to ensure the merchant is properly paid for their credit card processing Review incoming chargebacks with merchants and advise what documentation can be used to dispute the chargeback with the issuer s bank Explain to merchants why chargebacks were lost and what the merchant can do to protect themselves against chargebacks in the future Assist with terminal troubleshooting Assist with upgrading terminal equipment including discussing pricing with the merchant and determining which terminal to offer to the merchant Assist merchants with EMV upgrades including EMV capable terminals and/or EMV software Attend priority escalation calls for merchant customers Explain to merchants what PCI Compliance is and how the program can help them achieve compliance Assist with changes to merchant information such as updating addresses phone numbers checking accounts etc Set up mobile smartphone processing accounts Special projects as assigned by management calling campaigns system updates customer mailings etc Assist with merchant account closures