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Your Workbank E-Card is a virtual card that you receive once you complete your Job Seeker profile. Use it to avail of various premium perks that will not only make your job search more enjoyable, but create an even better career-building experience.

How to Get and Use your E-Card
  1. Sign up and verify your account.
  2. Complete your profile (including your birthday).
  3. Use your E-Card which you can find at the My E-Card Page!
    • For Food Partners: Show the actual digital card on the website upon ordering
    • For Fitness Partners: Follow specific instructions for each at the My E-Card Page
E-Card Partners

All Workbank Candidates of legal age (18 years old and above) who reach at least 70% profile progress on the platform will instantly get an E-Card on their account, which they can present to avail of exclusive perks.

Validity and Perks
  1. The Workbank E-Card is valid from the time the Candidate receives it until the specific expiry date, which is around a year from its issuance.
  2. Once expired, Candidates must update their details on the platform for any relevant changes. After which, the E-Card will automatically be renewed.
  3. The use of the E-Card allows Candidates to take advantage of exclusive perks from Workbank partners. This includes job application benefits and free trainings.
E-Card Usage Mechanics

  1. Sign up as a Candidate on, or login to your existing Workbank account.
  2. Complete your profile with correct information until you reach at least 70% profile progress. This can be seen on the Candidate dashboard.
  3. Automatically get your E-Card on your account once you achieve the required profile completion rate. The E-Card will contain your name, unique Workbank ID number, and expiry date. An email confirmation will also be sent to your registered email.
  4. Exclusive member perks are seen on the same page where the E-Card is found. There are unique mechanics and terms of use for every perk from different partners, which you can learn more about by clicking them.
  5. Show both the E-Card and any valid ID to participating partners to avail of the exclusive member perks. Valid IDs include the following, but not limited to:
  6. PassportDriver’s LicenseSSS UMID
    PhilHealth IDTIN IDPostal ID
    Voter’s IDPRC IDOFW ID

Terms and Conditions
  1. A Candidate is a member who has a verified Candidate (Job Seeker) account in
  2. The Candidate should be at least 18 years of age to receive a Workbank E-Card.
  3. Candidates must sign up at, verify their account via registered mobile number or email, and reach at least 70% profile progress to receive their E-Cards.
  4. Candidates who create their account via Facebook/ LinkedIn, although automatically verified, must also reach at least 70% profile progress in Workbank to receive the E-Card.
  5. Only unique registered Candidates will be considered for the E-Card and the exclusive perks that can be availed through it. Duplicate creation of Candidate profiles will be subject for disqualification.
  6. A confirmation email will be sent to the Candidate’s registered email address once profile progress is at 70% or higher.
  7. Candidates must show both the E-Card and a valid ID to avail of exclusive member perks. Failure to do so will mean the Candidate cannot take advantage of any benefit tied to the E-Card.
  8. Use of the E-Card is exclusive to the designated Candidate only and perks associated with it cannot be redeemed by anyone other than the Candidate whose name appears on the card.
  9. The E-Card has a one-year validity by default. Once expired, Candidates must update their profile with relevant details to renew the E-Card.
  10. Each participating partner will have different mechanics and terms of use for their unique offerings for Workbank members.
  11. The exclusive perks redeemed through the Workbank E-Card are not convertible to cash.
  12. If Workbank suspects or identifies misuse or abuse of the E-Card, it may result in blacklisting and/ or deactivation of the Candidate's profile.
Customer Support

For any questions or clarifications, please email Workbank at [email protected]

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