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We help job seekers so we can help you hire the best talents. Our training services ensure they have the skills that are relevant in today’s workplace. When you find them through us, you know they will be ready on Day 1.

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Recruitment Philippines | Job Hiring Solutions - Workbank Job Portal

Recruitment & Job Hiring Solutions in the Philippines

Our seamless Applicant Tracking System is simple to use and loaded with features that let you stay on top of your hiring process.
Unlimited Users

Allows you and your team to collaborate effortlessly under one account

Automatic Screen Out

Cuts down the noise to make you focus on applicants that are relevant to your needs

Messaging and Live Chat

Lets you reach out to candidates faster using customizable templates

Custom Hiring Flow

Empowers you to specify and lay out your unique recruitment workflow

Reach more without effort

Your job ad is automatically published across different job search engine partners, giving your vacancies wider exposure at no extra cost and effort.

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Get more from an applicant than meets the eye

A candidate is so much more than their resume. Easily determine if they’re a fit to your vacancy and company through assessment tests that will give you a holistic view of your applicants.

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Expedite your search with intelligent candidate recommendations

Our system is built to break down the candidates’ information to give you smart profile recommendations that match what you enter on your job ad.

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Have the support of a dedicated customer success officer

We got your back! Your customer success officer will find solutions to your every need and ensure your recruitment and hiring is, as their title implies, a success.

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Companies that trust Workbank with their hiring needs

Let’s get you your hires today.

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