Cha Tuk Chak

Get free drink upsize or sinkers

Get free drink upsize or sinkers
Enjoy surprising add-ons at any Cha Tuk Chak when you present your Workbank E-Card!

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Who is Cha Tuk Chak?

Cha Tuk Chak is a Thai tea and dessert café well-known for serving true, authentic Thai drinks, desserts, and food. With the perfect combination of taste, flavor, and aroma, it aims to create an experience that transports the senses to a rustic, Thai local shop. The brand continues to grow with 13 branches across Metro Manila and counting.

How to get your free add-ons

Create a Workbank account
and complete your profile to receive your E-Card.
Visit any Cha Tuk Chak branch
in the Philippines and place your order.
Show your E-Card
and choose to get either free sinkers or a free drink upsize.


Both free add-ons are exclusive to Workbank E-Card holders.

  • Workbank Candidates must show their E-card and a valid ID upon ordering at any Cha Tuk Chak branch. Please refer to the E-Card usage mechanics for a list of accepted IDs.

Promo Period and Perks

  1. The offer runs from February 10, 2020 until July 31, 2020.
  2. All Candidates with active E-Cards can take advantage of the Cha Tuk Chak exclusive offer.
  3. By using the E-Card, the bearer can get either free sinkers or a free drink upsize.


  1. Reach at least 70% profile progress on your Candidate account to get your Workbank E-Card. An in-platform notification and automated email will confirm activation of the digital card.
  2. Proceed to any Cha Tuk Chak branch in the Philippines to place your order.
  3. Present your Workbank E-Card along with any valid ID to avail of the exclusive add-ons.

Terms and Conditions

  1. A Candidate is a member who has a verified Candidate (Job Seeker) account in
  2. A Workbank Candidate must choose between free sinkers or free drink upsize. The two free add-ons cannot be availed together.
  3. A Candidate can take advantage of the exclusive benefit from any Cha Tuk Chak branch in Metro Manila.
  4. The Candidate must present both the E-Card and a valid ID upon ordering. Otherwise, the Candidate won’t be able to get an exclusive add-on.
  5. Only the owner of the E-Card can get the free sinkers/ upsize. (E.g. If three individuals order drinks at one given transaction, only the E-Card holder will get the free add-on, the others will have to pay.).
  6. The discount cannot be used when ordering via any delivery service.
  7. E-Card terms and conditions apply, which includes terms related to use, misuse, and abuse of the premium perk.

Experience Thai delicacies plus extra treats by completing your Workbank profile!

Per DTI FTEB Permit No. 21841, Series of 2019.

For any questions or clarifications,
please email Workbank at