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Profiles Asia Pacific

Free pre-assessment tests for recruiters

These free pre-assessment tests from our partner Profiles Asia Pacific – all easily accessible on the Workbank Recruiter Dashboard – help recruiters find the best candidates for their jobs.

DISC Personality Profiler

  • A short personality profiling assessment identifying the natural strengths and weaknesses etc. of the candidate's personality “type”. It is based on the 4-factor model of personality often referred to as DISC.

Occupational Interest Profiler

  • A short assessment identifying the occupational interests of a candidate. An area often omitted, but one going to the root cause of why many employees quickly lose interest in their job since the activities involved do not motivate them.

Mental Toughness

  • Resilience is known to be as significant factor in ultimate job success. This short mental toughness assessment looks into seven factors which are known to contribute towards this. It is benchmarked against a large population of local test-takers.