Free upskilling and training for Candidates on August 10 at RCI Building, Makati
Workbank members get free trainings with SCALE, equipping you with skills that make you workforce-ready. Limited seats available.

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What is SCALE?

SCALE is an organization that provides training to budding professionals, from graduating students to management aspirants. The end goal is to prepare you for the labor force and land the role you are passionate about.

What types of training does SCALE offer?


This program’s focus is to delve deep into what drives a person, allowing him/ her to identify and understand his/ her purpose, crucial values, and grit (passion + perseverance).


This is the next phase of development with SCALE, wherein every individual’s soft skills, such as communication and work ethic, is honed and reinforced.

SCALE Training Schedules

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Venue: O2 Space, Unit 601, RCI Building, 105 Rada, Legazpi Village, Makati

SCALE Basics & SCALE Pro Bundle – August 10, 2019 (9AM-4PM) Saturday

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