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Posted 1 month ago

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Initially verifies the details of daily transactions and informs T1 and T3 for changes and corrections if any Coordinates with Treasury on a daily basis as to which bank to use for opex loan releases maturity of borrowings and buy of security Same with all incoming funds until the new system is fully functional Appropriately assigns and prepares checks for disbursements Responsible for the printing of transaction sheets both for trading and non trading transactions for checks and documents preparation until the new system is fully functional Prepares documents such as Promissory Note Disclosure Statement Confirmation of Adjustment Confirmation of Brokerage Official Billing and Confirmation of Investment and other documents related to a certain type of transaction Prepares bank forms for the telex RTGS and dollar purchase before bank cut off time Prepares daily cash position report and forwards the same to the Documentation Analyst II for reconciliation of disbursements and to the Cashier for reconciliation of deposits Reconcile issued checks for the day versus Daily Cash Position Report right after trading Informs T1 or T3 once we received notice from the bank of a returned check Initially prepares Daily Collection Report and Status of Unpaid Accounts every Monday and forward to T3 and C&C for their review and send the final draft to all concerned departments Records daily transactions in the Maturity Schedule/Forward Position and distributes report to all concerned departments on a daily basis until the new system is fully functional Process and prints Official Receipts Coordinates with Depository Banks maintained by the company pertaining to verification of bank balances and confirmation of deposits Monitors and computes interest/coupon payment for Government Securities Preferred Shares and Commercial Papers Encodes the buy and sell Government Securities in the NROSS System and in the PDS System for private bonds Responsible for the preparation of Credit Line documents Monitors inventory of forms checks and other official documents Monitors and maintains client master files Prepares Certification of Investments as requested by clients Other tasks that maybe assigned from time to time that will support organizational goals and objectives

National Capital Region-Makati, Philippines