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Posted 1 week ago

Frankie s New York Buffalo Wings is looking for an IT Supervisor who will lead our team into the future Why work for Frankie s as an I T Supervisor You will receive a Competitive Salary and Benefits PackageYou will have career development opportunities as we are expanding Part of which is standardizing and automating of Frankie s processes You will have an awesome opportunity to contribute and become a key player to the overall success of Frankie s New York Buffalo Wings We are looking for an I T Supervisor who has the following qualities Stronger than average communication analytical organizational and problem solving skills to be successful in this field Team building leaders who possess time management and troubleshooting skills and a thorough understanding of computer systems and functions Knowledge of business operations such as financial and personnel management is important A deep understanding of project management practices and processes such as scheduling budgeting and meeting deadlines Who has the following skills Knowledge of computer operating software and other systems Understanding of most recent computer system upgrades Integrating new and upgraded systems Monitoring systems operations and make recommendations as needed Developing technological procedural and operations manuals Managing network and systemwide connectivity through available networksCreating projects that will aid in the automation of all concerned departmentsIT staff selection and training As I T Supervisor you will Oversee the operations of corporate IT departments Manage staff that upgrades and maintains Frankie s computer systems including databases mainframe systems data communication networks and software programs Manage a team of administrators and installers when installing and implementing new systems Hire train and evaluate IT staff assign tasks and arrange project schedules Perform assessments on company systems to ensure proper operations and to identify any issues that need to be addressed You will also be handling a variety of duties in order to satisfy all of their core responsibilities in areas of computer systems analysis installation maintenance and upgrades which are Install and Maintain Computer Systems IT Supervisors generally run the IT team that initially installs a company s internal network and computer systems They analyze a company s technology needs develop systems and software implement hardware and software conduct tests and maintain ongoing operations of all systems Upgrade Existing TechnologyIt is typically up to IT Supervisors to evaluate a company s systems and determine the need for upgrades They monitor information about upgrades to specific systems and schedule upgrades as needed Ensure Data RecoveryIn emergency situations it is imperative that companies have a data recovery system in place IT Supervisors are typically responsible for creating a disaster recovery plan for corporate data and systems IT Supervisors also assess data risk factors Manage IT Staff and OperationsFrom hiring and training staff to setting work schedules and establishing department procedures IT Supervisors are generally responsible for all aspects of the operations of an IT department They arrange for ongoing staff training and professional development create work assignments assemble installation teams oversee Help Desk operations and perform employee evaluations