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Workbank Candidates can get a 21-day free trial and 10% monthly discount when using ClassPass.

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Who is ClassPass?

ClassPass is a fitness app that gives you monthly membership to more than 20,000 fitness establishments around the globe. Instead of committing to a package with a single gym, it allows you to try various workouts, from circuit training to yoga, with different top studios.

What can you get from ClassPass?

21-Day Free Trial

10% Monthly Discount

New to ClassPass? Take the app for a spin, minus the fees, not just for a week, but for three weeks!

Enjoy the flexibility of choosing a plan and changing it anytime with lesser membership fees!

How to get Workbank premium perks from ClassPass

Create a Workbank account
and complete your profile to receive your E-Card.
Visit your E-Card page
To view exclusive perks that you can take advantage of.
Click the ClassPass logo
and register/ update your ClassPass account.


  1. The discounted membership fees with ClassPass is exclusive to Workbank Candidates who reach at least 70% profile progress only.
    • The 21-day free trial can only be redeemed by new ClassPass users.
  2. Workbank Candidates need to visit their E-Card page and click on ClassPass’ logo to reach the custom landing page with the exclusive offer.

Promo Period and Perks

  1. The offer runs from October 8, 2019 until October 8, 2020.
  2. All Candidates with active E-Cards can take advantage of ClassPass’ exclusive offers.
  3. By using the E-Card, the bearer can get the following:
  • 21-day free trial with 30 free credits for booking classes
  • 10% monthly discount for any membership plan


  1. Reach at least 70% profile progress on your Candidate account to get your Workbank E-Card. An in-platform notification and automated email will confirm activation of the digital card.
  2. Visit your E-Card page and click the ClassPass logo, which should bring you to Workbank’s custom ClassPass page.
  3. Register or update your existing ClassPass account to take advantage of the abovementioned offers.
  • For new ClassPass accounts, click “Get started,” select “Three Week Trial,” then type the necessary details to complete your registration
  • For current ClassPass members, click “Update your existing account,” choose “Corporate Wellness Membership” as the issue, then supply the necessary details.

Terms and Conditions

  1. A Candidate is a member who has a verified Candidate (Job Seeker) account in
  2. To avail of the 21-day free trial and 10% membership discount, Workbank Candidates must go to their E-Card page and click the ClassPass logo. This should bring them to ClassPass’ custom landing page exclusive for Workbank.
  3. Only new ClassPass users can get the 21-day free trial. Current ClassPass users cannot avail of the free trial anymore but can still get the membership discount.
  4. For new ClassPass users, they must click “Get started,” select “Three Week Trial,” then provide the necessary information to complete registration. The trial period starts on the same day of the registration.
  5. After the 21-day free trial is over, the plan automatically rolls over to the discounted P2384 monthly rate.
  6. For existing ClassPass members, they can click “Update your existing account,” choose “Corporate Wellness Membership” as the issue, then supply the relevant details. Note that the membership change will be applied to the next cycle renewal.
  7. Changes to the plan, such as upgrading, downgrading, or canceling membership, can be done anytime by clicking here and selecting “Corporate Wellness Membership”. The new plan will take effect at the start of the next billing cycle.
  8. You can use either a debit or credit card to register or update your account information for ClassPass.
  9. A fee will be charged when you cancel within 12 hours of your booked class or miss a reservation without canceling. This will be charged to your card on file.
  10. Candidates must agree to ClassPass terms and conditions, which has details on the use of ClassPass credits, class availability, fees, and other pertinent information.
  11. E-Card terms and conditions apply, which includes terms related to use, misuse, and abuse of the premium perk.

Per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-21841 Series of 2019.

For any questions or clarifications,
please email Workbank at