Electric Studio

Get 15% off all regular packages!

Workbank Candidates and Employees can get a discounted rate when availing ride classes with Electric Studio.

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Who is Electric Studio?

Electric Studio is the Philippines’ first indoor cycling boutique with branches in Salcedo, BGC, and Podium. Each ride session is “electrically-charged,” combining great music, exciting choreography, and a full-body workout that is sure to energize you physically and mentally.

How to get the 15% discount?

Create a Workbank account
and complete your Candidate profile.
Visit Electric Studio’s website
and login/ create an account with them.
Select a package
and type the promo code provided
before checkout.


The 15% corporate discount is exclusive to Workbank Candidates who reach at least 70% profile progress and Employees only.

  • A Workbank Employee needs to show his/ her ID prior entry to an Electric Studio class.
  • A Workbank Candidate must show his/ her E-card and a valid ID before entering the first ride session for a purchased package. Please refer to the E-Card usage mechanics for a list of accepted IDs.

Promo Period and Perks

  1. The corporate discount runs from July 20, 2019 until July 31, 2020.
  2. All Candidates with active E-Cards can take advantage of the premium perk.
  3. By using the E-Card, the bearer can get 15% discount off regular ride packages from Electric Studio.


  1. Reach at least 70% profile progress on your Candidate account to get your Workbank E-Card. An in-platform notification and automated email will confirm activation of the digital card.
  2. Visit Electric Studio’s website and login/ create an account with them.
  3. Select a regular package (all options other than the first timer package) and use the Workbank-exclusive promo code upon checkout. You can find the code in your My E-Card page under the Electric Studio logo.
  4. Reserve rides in any of the existing branches (Salcedo, BGC, Podium).
  5. Visit the designated branch during the first booked ride and present your Workbank E-Card along with a valid ID for validation and approval of discounted package.

Terms and Conditions

  1. A Candidate is a member who has a verified Candidate (Job Seeker) account in www.workbank.com.
  2. A Workbank Candidate or Employee can avail any package in any of the existing branches in Salcedo, BGC, and Podium, as well as other Electric Studio branch that its management may open, subject to their discretion.
  3. The Candidate must present both the E-Card and a valid ID during the first ride for validation of the discounted package. Failure to do so will invalidate the discount, thus the Candidate will be reverted to the regular package and asked to pay for the remaining amount.
  4. The First Timer Package (P1500 for 5 rides), gift cards, and retail items are not included in the 15% corporate discount.
  5. There is no limit to the number of purchases done using the exclusive code.
  6. The corporate discount is not convertible to cash.
  7. E-Card terms and conditions apply, which includes terms related to use, misuse, and abuse of the premium perk.

Per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-21841 Series of 2019.

For any questions or clarifications,
please email Workbank at [email protected]