Lock in your luck: Your career guide in the Year of the Rat

January 24, 2020
by Paula Delos Reyes, Contributor
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Lock in your luck: Your career guide in the Year of the Rat

Popular legend has it that during the animal race ordered by The Jade Emperor, the rat hitched on the ox's back and jumped to the finish line, making him the first animal on the Chinese Zodiac calendar. In another myth, the rat was the one who let the air in when the universe was still dark, gaining him favor.

The Chinese New Year this 2020 falls on January 25, marking the start of the Year of the Rat. While it falls on a Saturday and the majority of us probably won’t get an extra non-working holiday, the Year of the Rat is a great time to grow your career according to feng shui experts.

Want to find out what luck is in store for you? Check out our fearless forecast - career edition!

Career forecast for Year of the Rat

Year of the Rat – Rats symbolize wit and intelligence. They are also known to be diligent, flexible, and adaptable. If you were born in the Year of the Rat, feng shui experts say that it's a great lunar year for you to get promoted and pass qualification exams. To help you thrive, take advantage of our free trainings and seminars here at Workbank. Complete your Workbank profile today to get your E-Card, which you can use to take our free trainings.

Year of the Ox – Five-star luck for people born in the Year of the Ox! Known for working hard, the Ox also symbolizes intelligence and wisdom. If you were born in the Year of the Ox, you may perform well in business corporations. Avoid conflict especially this lunar year and focus on growing your career. Feng shui experts advise that this might be a good time for you to further your study to help you in terms of career development. Check out our free trainings to expand your horizons and help you build for the future!

Year of the Tiger – Known for their power and passion, Tigers are courageous fighters. They are born leaders and thrive under pressure. Tigers are enthusiastic about getting work done right and efficiently. If you were born in the Year of the Tiger, look for jobs that will give you room to nurture your passions and lead. You have all the courage and confidence so go get ‘em, tiger!

Year of the Rabbit – An image of gentleness (SO FLUFFYYYY!) and compassion, rabbits are amiable and hardworking. If you have friends or family who were born in the Year of the Rabbit, you'd know that they have good temper. In terms of work, they enjoy thinking and love their freedom. Born in the Year of the Rabbit? Feng shui experts say that you will thrive where there is analytical, planning, and design work.

Year of the Dragon – Honestly, how many times have you called someone authoritative as a dragon? They are not dragons for nothing--they are a striking image of authority, success, and luck. If you were born in the Year of the Dragon, it's an optimistic year for you: your work performance is on the rise, side by side with your financial luck. Is it the year you'll get a pay raise, perhaps?

Year of the Snake – Slytherins rejoice. Some of the hardships you'll encounter might get you to thinking if you are suitable for your work or the job you're applying for. To help you find your fit, take our free profile assessment tests care of Profiles Asia Pacific.

Year of the Horse – People born in the Year of the Horse are courageous and determined. Once they set their mind on something, they can most likely to make it happen. If you were born in the Year of the Horse, remember that the challenges you might face this year will not stop you from achieving. Given your strong, artistic intuition, feng shui experts say that the arts is one of the best career fields for you. Check out compatible career possibilities for you at Workbank. We have hundreds of jobs aligned with creative work.

Year of the Sheep – Luck is on your side--and so are distinguished people. You'll get the support that you need to grow in your career. Your gentle demeanor and the warmth you bring are also notable, making the medical field one of the best places to work for you.

Year of the Monkey – Brb, looking for the origin of the phrases clever as a monkey and clever monkey. Kidding aside, people born in the Year of the Monkey are known for their smarts. This lunar year, feng shui experts say that they have high chances for promotion and even a salary raise. Maximize this by taking Workbank trainings to upskill and applying to higher positions.

Year of the Rooster – One of the admirable traits of roosters is their enthusiasm. In terms of career, work your way towards a promotion. Your passion for beauty also aligns you with work in the arts.

Year of the Dog – Man’s best friend and auspicious animal! Dogs are good in resolving disputes and taking care of relationships. Feng shui experts say that if you were born in the Year of the Dog, luck will be on your side in the line of marketing planning and work performance. Now who’s a good boy?!

Year of the Pig – People see pigs as a symbol of wealth and bounty. While some might experience pressure at work, don’t let this weigh you down. Instead, take this as an opportunity to grow and find happiness in your workplace.

In general, 2020 seems to be a great year in terms of employment. If you are looking for career growth, you better start sending out your CVs now. Time to bring out the pansit and wear red--except maybe for nurses, doctors, and the rest of our friends in the medical field (when you know, you know)!

Ultimately, feng shui is here to guide us. While we respect the energy that flows--one of the guiding principles of feng shui--we should also work hard to achieve our goals. Take a proactive step in building your career. Sign up for a Workbank account and complete your Candidate profile to maximize your #jobhuntingwithbenefits.

Best of luck to your job application!