New Year, Greater Career!

Want to find a better career this 2020? Reach your job goals faster with these New Year resolution ideas.

January 24, 2020
by Paula Delos Reyes, Contributor
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How do you find work that works for you?

Like a reset, the new year is a good time to rethink our priorities and how we can get the best out of life. Reflect on what you’re good at and see what motivates you. Think of what drives you to be better and what you can contribute to the world. Gain a fresh perspective by finding your why and from there, find work that fits you best. With a clear picture of your goals, you can now see—and take—the path you want, leading you to work that works for you.

Let's start!

Five tips to help you get the job you want

1. Understand your strengths and take charge of your career

Find a role that fits you and your needs best, apply and prepare for it, and hopefully, land the job you aspire for. When checking job openings, make sure you read the role description well. Ask yourself, what makes you relevant? Can you give this role your best? This way, you can find both your fit and purpose and not just any other job. To help you better understand your strengths, you can also take a free personality test from Profiles Asia Pacific through your Workbank account. Taking this assessment helps you understand yourself better, which equips you to find a suitable job.

If you have a target company you want to work for, research on the business so you’d have a clearer perspective on the work that they do. Do you like their company culture? Will they support your growth in the long run?

2. Find new ways to grow

What skills do you need for the role that you want? Upskill and take trainings that would help you grow more as a person and eventually, in your career. Invest in learning, excel at what you do and eventually, the companies you want to work for will also invest in you.

Your Workbank account gives you access to free, exclusive training courses and seminars from our training partners. See what courses you can take by signing up today.

3. Suit up your CV

Your CV connects you to the company you aim to work with. You only have a few seconds to capture your Recruiter’s attention, so make sure you introduce yourself with a clean and focused CV. It should give a clear picture of you not just as a Candidate, but as their future Employee.

Follow these tips to improve your CV and win your Recruiter’s vote:

Once you are satisfied with your CV, send it to companies you aspire to work with. Thanks to technology, gone are the days that Candidates need to submit their CVs in person to potential employers. We can now enjoy the convenience of finding job vacancies and applying online through job matching platforms such as Workbank.

4. Be mindful of your interviews

Prepare for your interview as soon as you've secured one. It pays to plan ahead. By researching where their office is and preparing your "interview clothes," and get to your interview on time, neat, and fresh.

5. Make a great first impression

Looking great takes discipline. It shows that you take care of yourself well and that you are not a sloppy person. Make a great first impression by dressing up not just for the interview but for the job.

And we’re not just talking about how you look. You also need to make sure that you sound confident, approachable, and knowledgeable. It takes time to master the perfect blend of all those, but with time and proper training, like what we’ve done before, we’re sure you’ll get there!

We’re happy to share that at Workbank, we’re here for you in the long run. On top of helping you find the job you aspire for, we’re also here to help you prepare for it. Sign up to Workbank today and enjoy our exclusive perks!

Happy New Year!