Fresh graduate? Further your future using your internship experience

By Paula Delos Reyes, Contributor

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The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the way we work. Times have changed and the conditions for finding jobs and even its availability may have changed. Rest assured that we at Workbank are dedicated to connecting employees and employers, and supporting the Filipino workforce in every way that we can.

At this time, internships might have been cut short because of the global crisis we are currently facing. If you were able to take internships, that’s great! You had the chance to get a glimpse of what it’s like to work and be part of a company.

If you are using this time to prepare for work life when the world resumes, read our thought piece on how internships or on-the-job trainings (OJT) prepare you for your career.

5 ways internships prepare you for work

1. You can apply what you have learned in school

Internship or OJT is the time you put theory into practice. Aside from being able to include your internship experience as work experience for fresh graduates in your CV, you actually gain work experience. Learning the basics preps you as you gradually take in more work responsibilities. When you create your first CV, highlight your internship to show that you have hands-on experience.

2. You get to meet people who can teach you

Chances are you’ll be the youngest one at the office where you’re taking your internship. You’ll meet people older than you, with more work and life experiences. If you’re lucky, they’ll take you in and teach you the ways of the world—be it on a professional or personal level. It’s good to learn from their experiences as you start to navigate the working life.

3. You gain real life experiences

While dedicated mentors assign tasks and explain processes to their interns, there are other things you can learn such as accountability, resilience, and even building friendships. If the company you joined gives an allowance to their interns, you can also learn how to budget your salary.

4. You get exposed to different career tracks and industries.

Internships can help you figure out what you want in your career and where you want to take it. You get to witness the different jobs available for you, depending on the career path you want to take. The possibilities are endless!

5. Fresh graduates get a chance to be absorbed by the company.

There are companies who absorb their interns and hire them as full-time employees. While this might depend on job availability, there are also some companies who include this in their internship programs as part of a career track. Your chances to get absorbed are high if your mentors see your potential and they are hiring fresh graduates, or there are job openings for fresh graduates.

When you are ready to start your career, create your Workbank profile and highlight your internship or OJT by adding it to your work experience. Let recruiters know what you are capable of, and what you can bring to the table.

As we prepare to face the world again, we hope you found our advice helpful even in this challenging time. To the graduating class of 2020, kapit lang ! Your resilience will take you far.

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