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Published on November 12, 2020

Employee welfare rises above pay cuts, massive job losses through COVID-19 crisis

Manila, Philippines, 3 November 2020—Uncertain times call for mindful measures.

Half a year into the COVID-19 pandemic and companies are still finding their way to normal. To navigate the current crisis and alleviate its effects on millions of employees, companies are quick on finding solutions to keep their businesses running. In a recent Workbank survey, most companies revealed that, to do so, they needed to ask their employees to go on unpaid leaves (26 percent), implement pay cuts or reduce work hours (23 percent), and laid off some of their staff (22 percent). A few resolved to put bonuses on hold for this year (8 percent), while a few companies are fortunate to keep business running as usual—as of the time of employment survey, several respondents (19 percent) commented that they did not implement changes in company operations nor manpower.

The employees who also took part in the pandemic jobs survey echo this negative effect on their jobs—14 percent say they have taken either a pay cut, unpaid leaves, or even early retirement offers. Majority of the respondents also lost their jobs during the pandemic (57 percent), and those who still have their jobs (18 percent) are uncertain about their job security. Eleven percent were jobless and looking for work prior to the lockdown in March 2020, and now say that work seems more elusive than ever.

Employers were united in saying that they implemented health and safety measures to protect their employees. This includes letting their staff work from home (96 percent), something that almost everyone has experienced firsthand even on a global scale. Companies also added sanitation protocols, including temperature checks and providing alcohol and face masks to employees reporting to the office (84 percent), provided transportation to reporting employees (54 percent), and supplied vitamins (18 percent) to strengthen their employees´ immune system. There are also a few who provided regular COVID testing to their staff (16 percent), and even gave financial assistance to those who tested positive (17 percent).

Nearly half of the companies who participated in the study state that they are hopeful for the employment outlook during this fourth quarter. Only 18 percent have a grim outlook about the local employment landscape, while 35 percent are on the fence as to what the rest of the year will bring. Job seekers are more optimistic about their employment prospects, with 62 percent declaring their positive outlook.

About the Survey

The Pandemic Jobs Survey was conducted through online surveys for two segments—one for candidates and one for employers. Workbank conducted the Pandemic Employment Survey for Candidates from July 24 to August 4, 2020, with 823 respondents across various industries and position levels. The Pandemic Jobs Survey for Employers ran from July 24 to August 20, 2020, with 61 respondents in the field of human resources or recruitment from various industries.

If you lost your job during this time, keep strong! There are jobs out there, and there will be more as the economy picks up. Keep checking back in with Workbank for the freshest jobs.

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