Refer for food

Refer friends to jobs on Workbank and get food vouchers


Terms and Conditions

1. A Candidate is a member who has a Candidate (Job Seeker) account in

2. Only Referrers who are currently residing in the Philippines and/or have a valid Philippine address are eligible for the Refer for Food promo.

3. Both the Referrer and referred Candidates should be at least 18 years of age at the time of registration in to qualify.

4. A Candidate has to sign up at, verify both his/ her account via registered email and mobile number, and reach 100% profile progress to be counted as a participant in this promo.

5. A Candidate who creates his/ her account via Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google is considered verified, and must reach 100% profile progress to participate in the promo. Furthermore, he/ she must ensure they have the correct mobile number and email information as these are the only approved means of communication should he/ she win.

6. The referred individual needs to click on the unique link sent by the Referrer and then complete the registration process. Signing up directly on Workbank instead of doing so via the unique link from the Referrer will not be counted towards the Referrer.

7. For the referred individual to be counted and considered as a referred Candidate of the Referrer, he/ she must be able to sign up, verify BOTH his/ her Workbank account through registered email and mobile number, and reach at least 70% profile progress. Referred individuals who create their accounts through Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google must make sure they have the correct emails and mobile numbers and reach at least 70% profile progress.

8. Only unique registered Candidates will be considered for the promo. Duplicate creation of Candidate profiles will be subject for disqualification.

9. Workbank will tally the number of qualified referrals after the promo inclusive dates (e.g. February 1, 2021 – March 1, 2021) and rank the Referrers based on the criteria mentioned in items #6, #7, and #8. As an added eligibility check, Workbank reserves the right to contact the referred Candidates via SMS to validate authenticity of the accounts.

10. The top Referrers will be notified via their registered email and/or mobile number on the same day the announcement of winners has been made.

11. Ensuring that the Candidate has an updated and accurate email and mobile number on their account is the Candidate's sole responsibility. These are the only approved modes of communication in letting the Referrer know that he/ she has won.

12. The rewards for the Refer for Food promotion will be in the form of GrabFood Vouchers Gift Codes and will not be convertible to cash.

13. GrabFood Voucher Gift Codes can be used in any of the restaurants/fast food stores mentioned here.

14. Once received by the Referrers, Workbank will not be responsible in replacing missing GrabFood Voucher prizes.

15. The top referrers may be asked to send a testimonial with photo of them enjoying the food/drinks they ordered from their GrabFood vouchers. This may be used by Workbank for ads and campaigns related to the Refer for Food Sign Up promotion.

16. If Workbank suspects or identifies misuse or abuse of the promotion, it may result in blacklisting and/ or deactivation of the Referrer's profile in extreme situations.

Customer Support

1. For any questions or clarifications, please email Workbank at

2. For GrabFood related concerns, please visit

Per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-112608 Series of 2021